The Privacy Advocates

En liten hälsning nedan från våra vänner inom det internationella nätverket Freedom Not Fear. 

Dear Privacy Advocate,

Following the launch of Colin Bennett's latest book The Privacy Advocates:
Resisting the Spread of Surveillance, which is dedicated to those of you
who ave mobilized when new surveillance practices have emerged, we have
developed a website designed to bring together the global privacy advocacy

The website is intended to facilitate communication between advocacy
groups, researchers and other people in the wider community. Identifying
your organization as an important member of this network, we have taken
the liberty of including you in our database.

We are addressing this email to you, in order to invite you to check out
our site at: http://www.privacyadvocates.ca/

If you have any questions or issues which you would like to address with
us, we look forward to your comments. We are confident this website can
contribute to the privacy advocacy community, and therefore, we hope that
you encourage other privacy advocates to include their information in the

Warm regards,

Pablo Ouziel
Research Assistant to professor Colin Bennett

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