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Internet tystnar. Mobiltelenäten tystnar. Utländsk media tystas. Demonstranter fängslas, mördas och utsätts för tårgas.

"Värden som tolerans, dialog och respekt för varandras religion ska aldrig ställas inför en folkomröstning", sa Irans utrikesminister Manouchehr Mottaki till sin schweiziske kollega Micheline Calmy-Rey under ett samtal rörande minaretsförbudet i Schweiz.

Patetiskt! Vad vet Irans galna och illegala regim om respekt, dialog och tolerans? Visa gärna ditt stöd för den iranska frihetsrörelsen och lägg grunden till en friare och bättre värld.


Vad vet du om kaoset i Iran? Sprid information till världen - dela med dig av vad du vet. Låt inte protesterna tystna.

@ Freedom Messenger - Ghasedane AZADI
There are widespread protests at Vali-asr Sq. and severe clashes have taken place between youths and government forces. Military forces are attacking the people with batons and hitting them. Plainclothes officers are attempting to arrest some of the youths.

@ Antonio آنتونیو جاماسب Jamasb
Tehran Uni, dec 7 they shout deth to the dictator in full site of secret police. they shout where has the oil money gone, into the bassiji pockets thats where. They wave flags without the islamic revolution symbol. this has never happened before. amazing brave people.

@ SMS conversation. with Iran 7 / 12 -09.44.

Iran- It has begun!
Swe- film as much as you can
Iran - I have my camera (mobile) with me, but been warned that the snipers are aiming and will shoot those who try to film with their mobiles. It's not at all as you think. Everyone is terrified! Also the active youths!
Swe - Take no risks! Forget the camera!
Iran - It's chaos. All the ways to the universities are closed. We can't get anywhere. They have also entered into the malls and taken ppl, Ppl are calling from there and try to warn!!

For more updates on what is happeing in Iran TODAY


Remember remember, the 7th of December/ 16 AZAR: Sannrii RT @manic77 I haven’t seen protest like this since the days after #IranElection Ppl aren’t going home. Not Now #I16Azar

Melina Irandoost Sannrii RT @manic77 I haven’t seen protest like this since the days after #IranElection Ppl aren’t going home. Not Now #I16Azar live report from Iran

# seansanderson RT @smokyhead: BB Dec7-14:33 People have opened the doors to their houses providing protesters with food & water #iranelection #16Azar #news less than a minute ago from Echofon

# 42_normal shirdl RT @smokyhead BB Dec7-14:33 A young woman is leading the people... See More’s demonstration on Aburayhan Street. #iranelection #iran #news #16Azar less than a minute ago from web

# Sabz_afro_normal royasmusic RT @lissnup: RT @madyar: students at Khajeh Nasir UNI kicked the basijis out #iranelection #16azar :D :D :D less than a minute ago from Twitterfall

In defense of Freedom of Speech in Iran #16Azar There are between 30 to 50 security forces outside the Vali-Asr gate. Protests continue. The chants: “Our shame, our shame, our scoundrel of a president”…

vanasippi #iranstreets #16Azar Basijis are beating students to death in front of Medical School #iranelection

In defense of Freedom of Speech in Iran #16Azar Shahr-e Kord Azad University students forcefully demonstrated that they are not intimidated by all the security measurements and the climate of fear and repression created by the regime, celebrating 16 Azar with all their might. One of the students of the university told an Iran News Agency reporter: “All the u...niversity bulletin boards have become covered in flyers and communiqués.

In defense of Freedom of Speech in Iran #16Azar In Yasooj university, there are around 300 students carrying slogans such as "down with dictator", "students would rather die than to live with shame", and "student prisoner must be free". Inside the campus and the surrounding area, security forces are gathered to prevent other people from joining them.

In defense of Freedom of Speech in Iran #16Azar Many are injured and the Basij forces are once again attacking students in front of the Medical College and beating them to death. While the special guard forces are outside of the university, the Basij have attempted to fire tear gas.

AJEnglish Iran moves to block protests: Witnesses say riot police have surrounded Tehran University to prevent rallies. http://tinyurl.com/y8poawu

iran09 Iran-Proxy provides bypassing filters for Iran http://ow.ly/Jn4o #iranelection #16Azar

Melina Irandoost masih09 RT @samy110 Students are airing green balloon for sending message to outside the university #iran #iranelection #16azar (via @shary1972) half a minute ago from TweetDeck

Mehdi Nodehi DN: Iran kväser protest - Demonstrationer på Teherans gator.
Mödrar och studenter frihetsberövade. Universitetet omringat. Internet delvis blockerat.

Mehdi Nodehi Remember remember, the 7th of December/ 16 AZAR: Brave people in the streets of Tehran showing their support to the brave students!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcsMKWCPN8s

In defense of Freedom of Speech in Iran #16Azar Basij militia forces have congregated outside of the Mine College waiting for Majid Tavakoli to leave, so that they can arrest and hand him over to intelligence officers.

Remember remember, the 7th of December/ 16 AZAR: http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/8661/16azar7copy.jpg

Melina Irandoost 12:40 PM GMT - 4:10 PM Tehran time ePersian Radio has been struck off the Hotbird satellite by electrical interference, making it impossible for Iranians to listen to the programs, according to ePersian reports which can still be heard on the Internet.


Melina Irandoost Remember remember, the 7th of December/ 16 AZAR: monique2824_2 WE ARE THE MEDIA, Let the world know about the revolution their voices must be heard #iranelection


Mehdi Nodehi Huge crown marching into the University area singing revolutionary songs and chanting death to dictatorship!

Mehdi Nodehi Protest @ Amir Kabir University : students wave money at Basijis because they are paid to repress the freedom movement!

TehranBureau Photos from #16Azar http://ayandenews.com/news/16033/

TehranBureau 16 Azar updates & videos here http://pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/tehranbureau/2009/12/16-azar-updates.html

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