October 27th. Wear purple.

Purple socks, purple shirt, purple earrings, purple necklaces (two of them), purple and pink for the eyes and even purple undies just for the cause. Yep, it's the 27th. Wear purple to support LGBTQ youth and to show them we all care and that we're all on the same team. It WILL get better! We are SO many who can prove that and who should be there to give that extra hand, that special word, that special thought.

Take care out there. And show your support!

Together, we are strong. Together, the (once) meek shall inherit the Earth!


Notice: This here blogger contains bisexuality, transsexualism, a tiny touch of intergenderism, even a slight case of intersexuality and a polyamorous lifestyle. So hit me with purple today. Me and everyone else. Show me love!

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